Sunday, February 20, 2011

Striving For Better Than My Best

I hate performing a task and knowing that I could've done better at it. However, I love it when I prove to myself that I can do better than my "best". These two statements basically sum up my approach to CrossFit and to life in general. Whether I'm relating as a friend, father, or husband, or in business when I'm training or coaching a client- or whether it's a competition WOD that you just want to put up a decent time for- I oftentimes sell myself short by settling for good enough. No more settling. I did a WOD last week on Monday which was this Feb STL indvidual competition WOD 2 at TNT of 21-15-9 Squat Cleans, Alt Stationary Lunges, Push Press. I went out of the gate like a psycho and ended up crashing. My final time was 10:38. After a nice relaxing weekend away with The Potts, The Browns, and The Wistroms at The Cliffs at LongCreek (Big Cedar Property) in Branson, we got back to springfield at around 3pm. Jenny wanted to take a 30min nap so I obliged and took Vin across the house to play music and watch MickeyMouse Clubhouse. 30 minutes later and it was time to roll...My mission: Knowing that I could do better than the 10:38 time I posted, I wanted to head up to CrossFit Springfield and to destroy the old time by any means necessary! So I did. After taking two very chill, relaxing days to hang with family and friends, I jumped into the car rolled over to CFS, hit a solid 5-10min warm-up, stretched it out for a few, and then busted it out- pacing all the way...and adding 1 extra lunge step in on the round of 15 just because I love lunges...OOOOOOR by accident. New PR for the WOD is now 8:54.

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