Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brokeback Mountain Of Snow

After being cooped up inside the house for the past couple of days because of the snowpocalypse, it was nice to get out and about, coach a big noon crew WOD at CFS, and get some quality training in. I took yesterday off and did some yoga- or yoyo as Vin calls it. Also got to play with the family in the blizzard-like conditions, which was awesome. We put on 30 layers of any article of clothing we could find, went outside, and just tore up the frozen tundra like it was our JOB:

Then we drank hot chocolate...Then I shoveled the driveway like Jenny had just told me that it was my JOB. My back was so tight by the time I finished you'd have thought I had just done 1000 deadlifts for time.

Two days ago, on Monday, I did Bench Press 5 x 5 in the AM with Grant. I don't remember what I got up to but I do remember that it was terrible. I've been benching less over the past 6 weeks in order to stay flexible enough to be solid with my overhead lifts. It was very evident on Monday but I'm ok with that. Afterwards, I did 1 set of as many reps as possible of 25lb strict weighted pull ups and got 17. I then dropped the weight and did 33 more strict pull ups (not unbroken) at just bodyweight for a total of 50. In the afternoon around 4:30pm, I did 5 x 7 backsquat. On my last set, I did 309lb (was using kg plates) for 7 reps. At 5pm, Coach B and I finished up with a 21-15-9 WOD of SDHP @ 95lb & GHD sit ups. We played "rock, paper, scissors" to determine who got to choose who went first; I won, so, of course, I made Brian go first so I could have a time to shoot for. Llewellyn did 3:17 and I finished in's always nice to have a time to shoot for. Let that be incentive for you to shore up your "rock, paper, scissor" game. It comes in handy once in a while during a CrossFit WOD.

Today, thanks to Cap'n Koch giving me a lift to the box, I was able to do the main page WOD of Overhead Squat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. I PR'd with a OHS of 275lb:

I missed 285lb but decided to keep going with my behind-the-head split jerk just because the last time I did it I hit 285lb. I wanted to see if I could get more while I was warm. I'm glad I tried cuz I ended up PR'ing at 295lb:

With 5 minutes left til' noon I quickly scrambled my brain to think of a short met-con I could hit before having to coach the 12pm CFS group WOD. I decided on 5 minutes AMRAP of 5 overhead squats @ 135lb & 5 Hand release push ups. TOUGH workout but I loved it! 9 rounds + 4 OHS. A little over 1 month until sectionals begin! I'm eager to see what the programming looks like. Bring it, CrossFit HQ- cuz I'm gonna!

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