Sunday, February 6, 2011

Here's To You, "Karen"...

Vin turns 3 years old on the 10th, so to celebrate we threw him a party at CrossFit Springfield on Saturday. Tons of family and friends came out to run around the gym, throw play-dough everywhere, and dance to some sweet jams (one of Vin's bday presents was a bad-to-the-bone drum performance by a local drummer). We were extremely happy and thankful for such a great turnout! Vin had a blast. The kids had a blast. Mom and dad had a blast. It was pure awesomeness.

Speaking of awesomeness, I've been having a ton of fun training lately. I don't know what it is exactly but, compared to this time last year, I'm having way more fun. My diet has been solid overall but you can believe me when I tell you I've partaken in my fair share of weekend cheat days. I was way more strict leading up to the games season last year with both my diet and the programming I fed to myself. All work and no play. Recently, I've been trying to enjoy the fun in competing against myself, other athletes from our box, and the clock. Though I think it's made a positive difference in my performances, it certainly hasn't kept the WODs from beating the crap out of me :)

On Friday I practiced split jerks on our new platform fabricated by our resident handymen, Mr Wistrom & Mr Cochran (It's freakin' sweet- thank you fellas). Afterwards, I did a 10 min AMRAP with Grant of 3 Push Press or Jerk @ 185lb, 7 Kipping Pull Ups, and at the top of each minute, snatch 135lb. Did 10 Rds + 3 P.Press + 4 Kipping Pull Ups. GREAT workout. Every movement seemed to loom.

Today I did the mainpage WOD, "Karen" (150 Wallballs for time, 20lb). Last summer was the last time I did this benchmark WOD. My time then was 6:35. When I woke up today and checked the mainpage to see "Karen" was the WOD, I cringed and immediately started trying to talk myself into a different workout. Having that reaction made me realize that "Karen" was exactly the workout I needed to do. I'm glad I did cuz I PR'd by over a minute with a time of 5:25 and managed to do 103 Wallballs unbroken- which I know for a fact I've never done before...and may never do again:

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