Monday, January 10, 2011

Point Break...And Beyond!!!

After coaching a great group of CFS bootcampers at 6 this morning, I did 5 x 5 backsquat to 295lb, 5 x 5 shoulder press to 155lb, and 21-15-9 Rack thruster @ 135lb & Chest to bar pull ups in 5:47. My real test for the day came this afternoon at 1:30pm in the form of the CFS WOD:

For time:

11 Clean & Jerks
33 KB Swings
9 Clean & Jerks
27 KB Swings
7 Clean & Jerks
21 KB Swings
5 Clean & Jerks
15 KB Swings
3 Clean & Jerks
9 KB Swings

Clean may be performed as squat or power.

I used 185lb for the clean & jerk and 2pood (70lb) for the kb swings. My time was 13:55 with many thanks being owed to Steve, Grant, and Melissa who coached me through. Without question, this WOD has to be put in my top 10 list of "most uncomfortable" workouts I've ever done. It's, of course, a pretty subjective list because my level of discomfort is typically inversely proportional to how sorry I start feeling for myself when it begins to suck. But today, I'm happy to report: I went there...Emptied the tank...Jumped into the deepend headfirst. I took myself straight up to my breaking point where all I wanted to do was make the clock stop counting by working faster and more deliberately. To me, workouts like the one I had this afternoon are beautiful. They show me how much further I can push my mind, my body, and my will. I know I'm in my little "crossfit bubble" but, never-the-less, I find it impossible to deny the many parallels between the way I navigate my way through the suckiness of a WOD and the way I manage obstacles I face in everyday life.

And now, I shall retire to the couch and see how well Oregon manages the suckiness of losing the National Championship to Auburn.

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