Friday, October 29, 2010

One Silly Monkey Jumpin' On The Bed...

A whole crazy week of fun and excitment has ripped right on by and I've blogged about none of it. Commense Operation: "Catch Up"...Vin continues to punish the drumset I bought him a couple of weeks ago. He actually beat the thing so badly that we had to take him to the guitar center to buy a new cymbal to replace the one he broke in half. We've been doing the potty training thing for the past week and Vin has surprisingly taken to the whole "Big boys must empty their bladder and bowel contents in the elmo potty" coaching quite well. We've only had one or two accidents, but fortunately for me, I'm a pro at doing burpees with poop in my pants. Family-time has been wonderful as of late. With Vin getting a little bit older, it's been nice to have some sweet father/son bonding opportunities with him...Such as: Watching Vin jumping up and down and screaming on his bed, watching Vin when he falls off of said bed, getting fake red dragon tattoos, getting real red dragon tattoos (kidding- or am I?), rockin' out to Green Day's Know Your Enemy (Vin on the Drums, me on the guitar & vocals- oh, trust me- it's HOT), and of course there was getting Vin to go for a 55lb deadlift PR...20lb over his bodyweight...OH, YESSSSS!!! He got it. I don't think he really knew what happened but I thought it was pretty frickin' exciting.

My training has gone well over the past couple of weeks. I feel good enough. I feel strong enough. I feel conditioned enough. For right now. With alot of the met-cons I'm doing right now, I'm playing around with my pacing and work/rest management. My weaknesses have tended to present themselves in WODs with 15-25 minute time domains, so lately, I've been trying to practice WODs within that time-frame more often. I've kept mostly to my "S.E.M" rotation, gotten at least one new PR (OHS x 3 @ 245lb), and most importantly, had a crap-ton of fun. I'm really trying to focus on the fun right now, mainly because I know the rigorous grind of training for next year's CFit Games competition season will be here before we know it. Come next January, there will be nothing fun about the programming I dish out to myself...Spinach, Broccoli, Chicken, and Pain. Mmmm...mmmm...GOOD.


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  2. You are such a good dad Jeremy.. I love to watch you interact with Vin at the box! He is quite a character.. :)