Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Family Time PRs!

Here lately, it's been tons of fun in the sun for the Mhire crew! Last weekend, after CFS East's grand opening, we went to my in-law's home in Joplin for a family reunion and some pool time. Monday's training session/constantly varied bro-pic photo op was a grind due to all the garbage I ate and "blue waters" I guzzled down on Saturday and Sunday- I was hurtin' yo- and it was totally worth it:) It was a relaxing weekend- plus, we got to see Vin jump off the diving board and swim on his own; always an exciting milestone for a kid:

Yesterday, my cuddly wuddly snuggle-ham, Emille, turned 1 year old! Before loading her and spiderman into the truck, I plopped her up on the chair in our living room to get a photo of her in her little birthday dress. "Gimme sweet eyes, baby girl", I said. She delivered...
This afternoon, we'll be heading back to Joplin to celebrate the 4th of July and Emille's birthday! I'm looking forward to more family play time! Such a blessing...

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