Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cuz you know I Gotta Git.That. Chip off My Shoulda!

Got some new ink done yesterday at "Hearts Of Fire" in downtown Springfield on McDaniel St. Owner, Ethan, straight hooked a brotha up. This one is of a patch that was given to all American soldiers who fought against the Japanese Army after their invasion of the Philippines. My Grandfather was a guerrilla fighter and fought alongside US Army forces to exterminate the Japs. He was shot twice and eventually captured- but ultimately survived the Bataan Death March which was the forcible transfer of 75,000 American and Filipino prisoners of war across the province of Bataan. It was characterized by wide-ranging physical abuse and murder, and resulted in very high fatalities inflicted upon prisoners and civilians alike by the armed forces of the Empire of Japan. Post WWII Allied reports have tabulated that only 54,000 of the 75,000 prisoners reached their destination. Bad deal. But my LoLo survived it, joined the US Army, and brought the family to America. So I know I'll survive this week's "AMAMRAPWAP".

For me, the Open Sectionals Event 2 (DL/PU/BJ) was like an all out, as hard as you can hit me, punch me in the face with all you got-type of WOD. I had to stand there and take it like a man...and whine. Which, of course, I did. For about 24hrs. Then I woke up on Monday AM for the beginning of week 3, looked in the mirror, and I told myself, "Self, If you don't care about qualifying for Regionals then now's the time for you to quit. Be done with it...who cares, right? Wrong! I care! And if I do truly care what will I do? I'm gonna go on attack mode!!! I'm gonna fight, kick, scratch, snatch, and thruster my way into regionals. Redo an event 3 times just to better my score by only a couple points? Yes Please. I'm all in. Whatever it takes. My WOD 2 score dropped me from 22nd overall to 125th in the region. But with 4 top scores in the 4 final events, although it'd be a grind, it could bring me back into top 60 contention. We'll soon see.

Event 4 went well for me and all of CFS as our collective team scores finished us 4th in the North Central Region for the WOD and I managed to finish 10th in the region for the event. I tested Event 5 this morning with top regional contender and CFS athlete, Macy Mitchell. Going head to head gave us both a great push and consequently resulted in great scores (Macy: 361, Jeremy:351). We'll see how they hold up as the week progresses. Just gotta keep on keepin' on!



  1. I like it Stud... Keep up the push! Let's get to CHi-town!

  2. Love that you mentioned the Veteranos and the Bataan Death March. Props to your Lolo!